Gina DeFreitas - Aerialist - Circus Performer  - There's a little bit of circus in everyone!
Do you enjoy the lime light? Want to get stronger, more fit or just learn new things and have fun? I teach many skills, check out my classes for kids and adults.

Elevation Aerial & Circus Arts

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Circus Arts Class Schedule: 
Call with any questions and to signup 617-312-6335

4:30-5:30 - Aerial Silk L1 - Ages 8-17  $180
5:30-6:30 - Aerial Silk L2 - Ages 8-17  $180
6:30-7:30 - Aerial Silk L2 - Adults 18+ $225
7:30-8:30 - Aerial Silk L3 - Adults 18+ $225

4:30-5:30 - Circus Stars  - Ages 5-17 $180 
5:30-6:30 - Aerial Silks  - All Ages 8-88 (Kids $180 or Adults $225)
6:30-7:30 -Mixed Apparatus Class - All Ages 8-88 (Kids or Adults) (Instructor Approval)

Class schedule is always updating check for most updated info, more class info.
ask questions, signup contact Gina @ 617-312-6335 

All Classes are held at GymStreetUSA
1 Jewel Drive, Wilmington, MA

To learn more,
ask questions, signup contact Gina @ 617-312-6335 

Class Descriptions:

*Circus Kids: Ages5-17
Kids classes are designed to be fun and give kids a chance to try a bunch of different circus arts in one class, with a mix of balance equipment (stilts, tight wire), and manipulation (juggling, hula hoops), circus acrobatics, clowning skills, Aerial Silks & Trapeze.

 *Aerial Silks & Trapeze Classes: Ages 17+
5+ for Kids aerial classes and 18+ for adult aerial classes. Techniques on Aerial Silks & Trapeze will be taught. This class will cover proper strengthening and stretching techniques on and off the apparatus. Fun ways to climb, flip, spin, drop and pose will be taught in proper progression. You will be amazed how much stronger you will get!

Partner Acro: Ages 5+ Kids Class, 17+Adults Class
This is a fun classes, you will learn how to fly, base and do weight sharing acrobatics in proper strength and coordination level progression. Strength and proper technique to base and fly as we call it will be gained. You do not need a partner, a strong comfort level working with others is encouraged, touching of hands, shoulders, waist, hips, back etc. is necessary.

Aerial Fitness: Ages 17+
This class is designed to teach all the conditioning and stretching techniques aerial acrobats use to get strong & fit. You will learn basic aerial skills on Silks an Trapeze. Can also be an intro class to the Aerial Apparatus class.

*Classes with asterisk will end with an in studio showing for friends and family to see the fun circus skills you learned in a mini circus show!

What do I wear and bring to class:
Leotards or sports fitness shirts and leggings. Tight fitting fitness clothing that covers the torso and an optional t- shirt to cover arm pits.Men can were a t-shirt or fitness shirts that tuck in, for more advanced levels a dance belt. Water bottle & small towel for sweat if you like.

Classes held at:
Yellow Jackets Gymnastics, 4B Lookout Lane, Middleton, MA or Route 1 Danvers, MA
Call 617-312-6335 with questions and to reserve your spot.

Workshops, choreography and private lessons are available in the following skill sets:

Aerial: Silks, Trapeze, Hoop(Lyra), Hammock, Rope, Spanish Web,
Duo Aerial Partnering
Circus: Stilt Walking, Hula Hoops, Ribbons, Circus Acrobatics, (Multi circus skills class that includes, manipulation & balance.)
Dance: Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater, Choreography
Performance: Clowning, Acting, Performance

My Students:

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