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Lyra\Aerial Hoop
Lyra is a metal hoop on which you can hang, twirl, split and intertwine yourself around.  Whether or static, Lyra offers a fun way to adapt moves you may have learned on trapeze and learn entirely new skills.  All Galinda's welcome!
Photo by: Johann Hepner

Aerial Silks:
Two pieces of silk fabric rigged together as one. We climb, split and do many acrobatic drops, flips, rolls and like poses on.

Static Trapeze: A 1 inch thick metal bar, hung by two ropes. Static trapeze is a set bar that moves slightly but not necessarily meant to swing but some swinging might occur, there are spinning movements. We pose, flip, drop and dance around the bar and ropes.

My Bio:

Gina DeFreitas - Aerial Arts Instructor, Owner\Artistic Director of Aerialicious Entertainment & Elevation Aerial & Circus Arts, specializing in circus entertainment. Gina is an , Dancer, Choreographer and Circus Performer. With roots in Boston, dance and performing brought her to NYC where she studied at Broadway Dance Center, Alvin Ailey, and New Dance Group. She studied Circus in NYC and all over US. Coaches include Elsie Smith of NE Center for Circus Arts and Elena Panova of SF Circus Center to name a few.

Gina is AFAA, CPR, CDT and Zumba certified. She has taught Aerial arts\Circus skills, dance, women's self defense, and fitness at many in NYC, CA, VT and Boston. She was fitness director for a women's only gym and directed circus arts in NYC.

She has performed in many theatrical and corporate productions, musicals, circuses and dance concerts in theaters and NYC, Boston and on tour all over the US and internationally. Most recently she choreographed the dance numbers as well as the aerial ballet for a touring circus.

She is available for performances and private lessons
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